Show HLSL code generated from material editor

Maybe I didn’t read enough the documentation, but can’t find if there is a way to show the HLSL code that is in fact created when we use the material editor.
My idea is not to add custom code to current shaders but start learning looking what’s actually happening “behind the scenes”.

in the material editor:
Window -> HLSL Code

But when I tried to open test empty material as you said it showed a huge file, which i believe has all the materials included in ue4. But how can I see the hlsl code of a single material which I’m currently in

what you see is all the base stuff that your material needs
usually what I do to quickly check my material’s HLSL is somewhere in my graph I put an Add node with a value that’s easy to search (i.e. 123456) and then in the generated HLSL code I just search 123456 and the search result jumps me to the place where my nodes are