"Show 3D Widget" (MakeEditWidget in C++) option for FVector does not show in Blueprint Viewport?

Is it intended for the “Show 3D Widget” (or the MakeEditWidget C++ UPROPERTY meta flag) to not appear in the viewport for a blueprint? In order to use this feature one must add the actor to a level, edit the widget in that level as an instance, and apply the instance value back to the blueprint.

Hi Recatek, I can’t speak for the developers, but from what I can see, yes. The widget is a “scene” feature - although I can still set the default values in the BP or C++. Thanks for ‘MakeEditWidget’ - I was looking for that!

any updates to this? it’s one of the top results, has anyone found a solution (other than using a whole USceneComponent just to have the FVector location) ?