Should this dynamic resolution setup work?


I’m trying out the new dynamic resolution feature for a vr game.
The problem is that ends up scaling the res down to 50% even when I have set min scale to 80%.

Is there something I’m not doing?


Hi there,

Did you ever manage to get this working? From the documentation, I gather that in order to use dynamic resolution in VR you need to enable Temporal antialiasing and TAAU. However, after enabling those and starting the dynamic resolution the left and right eye screens in my Oculus become zoomed in and show different parts of the environment. I’ve fiddled around with the settings, but I haven’t managed to get it to change resolution to anything within the range I specified.

For Oculus, you need to use vr.oculus.PixelDensity.min and vr.oculus.PixelDensity.max

And TAA upsampling is bugged with dynamic resolution, but can work very well. To fix it, go to SceneRendering.cpp and change this line:
GEngine->StereoRenderingDevice->SetFinalViewRect(View.StereoPass, View.ViewRect);

to this:
GEngine->StereoRenderingDevice->SetFinalViewRect(View.StereoPass, View.UnscaledViewRect);