Should I Use Multiple Capsule Components For Each Part Of The Body Of A Character?

Hi UE4 Community,

I’m newly joined to start developing my own 3D action game. And I’m still in learning period.

Like the title described, I wonder if I should use multiple capsule components for each part of the body of a character.

I have this idea is because when the character moves forward to stand on a small plate, due to having just one capsule component, it detects the character is on the plate but it doesn’t look like it does. Because capsule component is bigger than the mesh at the bottom part. However, I need the capsule component’s width to be big enough for the middle part of the body.

So I wonder if I can use two capsule components, one for the bottom part, and one for the middle part. And maybe if it’s a good way that I can have a capsule component for the top part.

And another idea in my game is to when I hit different part of the body, I want to know which part of the body is hit like hit on the leg or arm or chest, and etc. Can I use this multiple capsule component idea to achieve this goal that I can have something like OnComponentHit event to send message to tell me which part of the body is hit.

I don’t know the pros and cons for using multiple capsule components. If anyone has experience about this and can share with me, I would appreciate it very much!

Hi, you can ofc have several capsule components in your character, but only the root one will be used for movement collision. All others will be ignored for movement.

That’s where you could/would use foot IK to place the foots onto the plate so that they don’t float around.

You should be able to just get the bone name that was hit from the HitResult. Ofc make sure that the capsule is ignored for that collision trace, otherwise it might/will hit the capsule and not the mesh -> look into custom collision channels.
So I don’t see any advantage of using several capsule components for collision.

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