Should I create image using linear gamma or 2.2 gamma then modify within UE4?

Hi All,

To get same color tone between image creator and UE4 I could do the following,

  1. Create image in linear gamma and use it as it is within UE4.


  1. Create image in sRGB color space which is 2.2 gamma and then in UE4 modify the RGBCurve from 1.0 to 2.2 and tick sRGB.

Which one is better and why?

So far I’ve always use 2.2 gamma and let UE4 modify it but I’m not sure if it is best approach but I’m not sure if it is better than just use linear gamma and not worry about conversion.


Depends on it’s purpose. No matter what gamma curve you apply, whether it’s in the source image or not, your result will still be tonemapped by default with the ACES sRGB ODT/RRT and a gain of 1.45, making the engine version appear different than your source. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any other differences if you just make your image in the standard workflow for color textures(i.e. in sRGB gamma, Rec709 primaries) and leave sRGB enabled in the texture properties.

Doesn’t unreal engine compress textures before applying gamma? Wouldn’t you want diffuse textures and any human readable textures using sRGB and any math based texture using linear?