Should I create a 2D prototype of my 3D game?

So I want to create a 3D third person, hack-and-slash kind of game and was wondering if I should first try and see if I can create a 2D RPG version maybe as a prototype. This just came to mind and I thought it would be a good idea.
What do you guys think?

I would suggest not - prototyping a 3d action game in 2d may not work out too well, since the game mechanics probably want to operate in 3d. Build a 3d prototype with simple assets instead - it’s not really going to make things less complex by working in 2d anyway.

Oh ok thank you

I agree with ambershee. But if you haven’t began making the game you could do something like Splatterhouse. It was an 8bit side scroller in '88 and then remade to a 3rd person/2.5D game in '10. I’m not saying to make it 8bit but you could do part 1 as 2D then part 2 a 3rd person. But totally up to you.

That sounds really interesting

So should I first create a 2D version that’s an 8-bit RPG before I start doing it in 3D?

You don’t have to do it in 8bit. But the question is do you want to remake it from a 2D to a 3D or make a series? Because Splatterhouse in '10 was a remake of the '88 version. Just remember if you do a remake there’s a lot that will need to change. Are you doing it alone or with a team?

I’m doing this by myself but my best friend wants to be the voice actor.
I was thinking also that I can make a series

Well if you’re thinking about to make a series more than a remake then I would say you could do a 2D first. Then for the next one make it 3D. But all in all best advice is to do what you feel most comfortable with.

Ok thank you. 2D does seem like the better idea first. While i was working on my game I first worked on the world itself.

The world is best to do first. And see I’m working on a 2D myself just to understand the blueprints better because they are a bit different from the kismet on UDK. And everything new I’m learning making the 2D I can use to my advantage to make my main FPS idea better.

Oh wow! That’s great
What program are you using to do that?

I’m using UE4. I tried using Unity but I couldn’t catch on. So I started using UDK 3yrs ago. UE4 is different but still the same because UDK was basically UE3. Just some things were updated and named differently from UDK to UE4.

How can you use 2D?

What do you mean?

I thought ue4 didn’t have the ability to create 2D games

It does. Epic added a feature in UE4 that when you start a new project you can choose out of various game types to begin your project.

Oh ok. I may put a hold on the 3D version and start working on the 2D version

Sometimes it’s good to put an idea on hold. Hope you games turns out good.

Thamks! Hey do you have any idea where I can get free software to create 2D characters?