Shotgun for VR?

Hey all! I recently saw this video: Virtual Object Experiments with SteamVR in Unity - YouTube

Which shows a shotgun asset for VR with some type of hinge mechanism that allows it to open like a real sawed off shotgun in VR, he made it in unity. I’m getting good with blueprints so I have an idea of how to do the loading of bullets, and firing but I’m not sure how to do the hinge functionality on the shotgun. So if anyone has any idea of whats making this shotgun tick or can point me toward the right path I will be so grateful and if I get the shotgun working a tutorial will soon follow :slight_smile: please help a young VR dev in his quest for shotgun badassery

Is this video showing the proper way to rig for ue4? Rigging and Animating 3D Weapons - YouTube