Shot Console Command Crashes UE 4.12 Google Cardboard

I’m trying to make an experience where the player takes a picture when after triggering a gaze cue, this works fine on the computer but when packaged to my phone it simply crashes.I am simply calling the “Shot” console command, high resolution here.

Hi I am having a similar problem with console command “Stereo Off”. It worked innitialy but now it just squashes everything into one eye without the Google ui layer. Did you find a solution to your problem that was maybe related to a console command related bug using googlevr?

I’m thinking that i will just log a bug report with all this information for a possible fix on their next update.

I had the same issue with stereo off actually too. Squishes it all into one eye. I haven’t found a solution to it unfortunately. I suspect it’s being looked at though bummed no Epic staff have commented to confirm that.