Shortcutc for buffer visualization in Play (Standalone mode)


I´m an architectural visualization artist that has decided to move to Unreal after working with offline renderers (mostly Corona) for several years. I will use it mostly to create still images and animaions. The reason I want to switch is because I´ll get access to the megascans library and it will offer me some more flexibility and allow me to be more creative, 3Dsmax is so sluggish and working with large scenes in it can be rather painful. After struggeling a bit I´ve managed to complete 2 projects that were rendered in Unreal. I´m missing some parts from the corona workflow though. The main thing is a material ID render pass. I´ve seen this can be achieved uting post process materials but I have not been able to pul it off yet. The other thing is that I use the fantastic perspective plugin to get straight vertical perspective lines. The plugin works at runtime so I have to hit play and use Nvidias ansel to create the renders. In the standalone game mode the hotkeys F1 to F5 are used to render different buffer visualization modes. I now wonder if there is a way to map more hotkeys to display other visualization buffer modes?