Short sounds missing from packaged iOS-app

Recently, for seemingly nowhere, my .ipa-builds running natively on an iOS / iPadOS-devices are lacking specific sound files. All of them are short clips, such as collision sounds and ui button effects. They’re present when running in-editor, but no sound plays on a compiled product.

Filed a bug report via the new system, will update once there is an issue id.

Technically a workaround, not a fix.
Added inaudible information to the short sounds to inflate the file, audio now gets packaged into the .ipa and plays as it should. Removing the inflation and repackaging makes them disappear again. No idea what’s happening but hope this helps somebody out.

Thanks a lot for this info, but I just need to know what exactly “inaudible information” means. Could you please be more precise about that and say exactly what the “inaudible information” is?

Thanks again!