Short lag when spawning objects

I’m working on a simple proof-of-concept for VR currently. I just started to test with an actual HMD and I noticed a weird lag whenever I spawn an object.

The level is super simple. Basically empty for now. No complex geometry, shaders or effects. When I press F, I spawn 2 actors, containing a static mesh and a box shape for collision. The mesh is very simple. The game seems to skip a couple of frames when I spawn the object. But this doesn’t happen every time. Only maybe around every 10 spawns, but then it’s very noticeable.

Is spawning objects an expensive operation or should I have no issues with this and I’m messing up something elsewhere?

Since 4.9 I noticed that spawning objects, even just one will cause a lag. Are you running 4.9?

Yes, 4.9.2