Short film size in Sequencer TOO BIG? Please help!!

So I’ve been playing around with the sequencer which is a lot easier than I imagined it would be. The scene is about 2 minutes long (500mb), but the file size is enormous for something that short. Is this normal for sequencer? Is there a setting that I have to change to get the short back to a more manageable size?

Also, the rendering process took like 5 hours. Is this normal or do I need to upgrade the specs on my PC?

Or is my expectation just wrong? Right now I’m thinking about this in terms of say a Bluray movie which is usually 1.5GB for 40 minutes (1500/40= 37.5mb per minute) or somewhere along those lines.

It’s uncompressed so yes, it is normal. Usually you export uncompressed and then encode the file with a codec and bitrate you like. There’s the option to add some form of compression in sequencer if you really need it though.

5 hours seems a bit long. It should only take a few minutes. Especially when exporting uncompressed files, it should be faster that way rather than when compressing the output directly. Maybe your PC is too blame, but when testing you can just lower the resolution and it will be a lot faster.

Suggestion to EPIC is to integrate custom FFmpeg into UE4 for playback fallback when OS has no decoders and for encoding. x264 is best encoder ever for encoding.

Yep, that’s actually kinda small. I’ve worked on terabyte sized projects in terms of the digital intermediate.

I’m aware that these animated features or games are usually in the terrabyte range, but the external hard drive I bought specifically for Unreal Engine is only 1 TB big. 500mb for 2 minutes might not be doing any damage now, but it is well on it’s way to using up valuable space. What’s the biggest project (in size) that you’ve been a part of if you don’t mind me asking.

Okay cool. I’ll try that.
As for the 5 hours thing, I’ll need to look into that, but I’ll try the lower resolution thing.

Anyone know how I can make a camera move along with a character? Can I link it to a certain place like one does with a weapon or accessory and how?
Or do I have to use a Camera Rail?