Shootergame Open IP Multiplayer Stress Test

Update: I have started Hosting this stress test of Shootergame Multiplayer with a listen server, timer is stopped, it is being perma-hosted :slight_smile:


Shootergame Open IP Multiplayer Stress Test

This is a reminder to all you hard working Epic-staff

that the next actual multiplayer Open IP test of Shootergame is occurring at 3pm EDT (noon PDT) today :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ll be hosting :slight_smile:

My Goal: Testing Larger Connection Counts

I am posting this here and on Forum in attempt to gather a lot of people to do a stress test of having a lot of players connected to a listen server, and a listen server that happens to be not-Epic-based :slight_smile:

my IP:

Details here:

ShooterGame Meetup 3pm EDT Open IP

Please make sure youโ€™re using a fresh install of the Shootergame version that I have access to as a Beta tester

First person to reply I will mark as answer to this question :slight_smile:


PS: I wont post this kind of message here all the time, will use rocket forum mainly

Hi Rama,

I talked to our testers and we will have a couple of reps join in, myself included. We are hoping to see some more multiplayer feedback from users. Thank you for hosting, it will really help out with testing online connections.

Thanks again,


Youโ€™re welcome Alexander!

See you at the shootergame party!



I started hosting the game, timer is stopped :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m now hosting my game, same as the download on drop box:


See you soon!


PS: If anyone of you Epic folks see this LaughingBandit again let me know, he was creating lots of rainbow ribbon trails everywhere

Looks like the revised map is a success.

hee heeee!

That was fun!

Will write up tutorial on all this soon and post on forum :slight_smile:

Next goal = make a chat system :slight_smile: