ShooterGame No Replicated Audo for Footsteps?

So I’m learning through the ShooterGame, dissecting it to try and understand how it works.

I’ve noticed that for my Build, fresh copy 4.10 the footsteps audio does not replicate to clients.
The gun shots do and I noticed they use Sound Node Local Player to produce 3D sound for remote and 2D sound for Local which makes sense and works.

However, for the Footsteps Mono Cue they don’t use that and coincidentally or perhaps consequently I hear no footsteps on remote.

So I tried adding in Sound Node Local Player and placing the output only for remote but the results are the same.

Now I’m wondering, did they ever intended to sync the audio? Did something break just for me?

In any case, I’d like to figure out how to sync the audio for the ShooterGame project demo.