Shooter Gamer or other very well documented example project

Hey, I am very new to unreal engine and am looking to get my self up to speed as fast as possible. I kept seeing information for the Free Example Game ‘Shooter Game’ that comes from Epic themselves. I would love to learn through that. Seeing a ‘finished’ product and seeing it all put together (with best practices I would hope) is the best way for me to learn.

The problem is, I can’t find the code/project itself. I have found the documentation page…

but that page does not give you the ability to download the project, or tell you where you CAN find it. It is not in ‘Learn’ as most of the threads I have read has suggested.

Have they discontinued it due to no longer being supported by the newer versions of the engine? If so, is there a really good replacement for it?


Is it not still in the learning tab of the launcher??

That’s exactly where it is :wink: