Shooter game hangs after selecting custom map

Hello all,

So I’ve run into a small issue here and I hope someone has some insight into what could be happening. I’ve downloaded the “Shooter Game” sample project and added my own custom map.

Within ShooterMainMenu.cpp I’ve updated the lines:
static const FString MapNames[] = { TEXT(“Sanctuary”), TEXT(“Rogue1”) };
static const FString JoinMapNames[] = { TEXT(“Any”), TEXT(“Sanctuary”), TEXT(“Rogue1”) };
static const FName PackageNames[] = { TEXT(“Sanctuary.umap”), TEXT(“Rogue1_wip.umap”) };

I’ve saved and compiled and everything seems to have worked, but when I select my map and try to host a match in the main menu the screen just sort of hangs there and I can’t do anything. I have my map in the correct folder and have tried changing the game mode, but it still doesn’t let me load into it.

Any insight or help would be appreciated.

With some more testing I was able to find out that by selecting LAN on, that is what is causing the hang. With it selected off I get a message saying “Could not create session”

Did you ever solve this problem? I’m having the exact same issue.