Shooter Game friend list bad

In the packaged version of the Shooter Game when you see the friend list in-game give good list, but if back to check the list then start to duplicate all users from your steam friend list.

Hi Hevedy,

Is this something that didn’t occur in 4.7.6 and is new to 4.8?

I’m having an issue attempting to launch a packaged version of Shooter Game whilst being logged into Steam. It crashes upon launching the application for me. Was there something you did to get around this error?

Version 4.8 of the Shooter Game, i don’t get the crash error but time ago i got a report about crash by the Shooter Demo when don’t use Steam.
I think is a problem with 4.8 and before.

At the moment, if we attempt to launch a packaged version of Shooter Game with Steam open, it will cause a crash. I’ve put in a bug report for the crash itself but I will be unable to reproduce your issue until this issue is fixed, I apologize.

Okay don’t worry.

Hi Hevedy,

I found a workaround for my issue thanks to another user, which involved the Steam App ID being incorrect in the DefaultEngine.ini for Shooter Game. Changing it to 480 from the 6 digit number that was originally there fixed my issue.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the issue you mention of the friends list being duplicated in game. I wasn’t able to test this until I already had 4.8.1 so it is possible that it has been fixed already. Can you test this in 4.8.1 and see if it still persists?

The problem is here, open the Friends list, then close and open another time , and you will see that.

Hi Hevedy,

I’ve reproduced the issue that you’re experiencing. I wasn’t experiencing it as the friends list on the Steam account I was using was too long and the duplicated friends were being pushed off the screen. I’ve lodged a bug report into our database under the number UE-17855 for your reference. I hope this have this fixed soon but in the meantime I unfortunately have no workaround to provide. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Have a nice day,