Shockwave/sonar effect on mobile - doable ?

Is it possible to create such effect as seen on this video in UE4 Android ? (without HDR, if possible)

How would you go about it?


It’s possible, but as Mobile doesn’t get any Post-Process Blendables you’ll have to ensure that every material in your project ‘supports’ it, by including the code. Gimme a sec I’ll edit with an example…

EDIT: Like this. What I would do is put this in a Material Function and replace the ‘World Position’ and ‘Radius’ values with a Material Parameter Collection, and drive it from Blueprint - that way all materials will respond to it without you having to create dynamic material instances for everything.

That figures, but I am even sure what that material would look like in general. I don’t know how such effect is done in other games :confused:

If you know how to, do you think you could make a mini tutorial ?