Shipping localized assets in DLC

Hi, I have a problem with localized assets in shipped DLCs.

My project is made of :

  • a core part, which whole content is located in the main Game/Content folder
  • some DLCs, located in dedicated Plugins folders (one plugin per DLC)

I am localizing my project, texts and audio assets : using the Localization Dashboard for texts, and the in-editor feature creating L10N folder for audio assets. This feature automatically stores core assets in Game/Content/L10N, and DLCs assets in Plugins/MyDLCPlugin/Content/L10N, which is logical.

The problem is : when I am running a built version of my game, mounting my DLC and opening the DLC’s map, the texts are correctly localized, but the audio assets remains in the default language, as if the localized version of the assets were not packaged in the DLC’s pak file, or not loaded at runtime, or something else.
But for core assets (not in DLC), everything works fine, texts and audio files are correctly localized. So the problem seems to come from DLC/Plugin workflow

What am I missing ? I can’t find any documentation about localization in Plugins/DLCs/Patches…

PS : I am using the “Set Current Language and Locale” node in blueprint to change language at runtime

PS2 : Everything works fine in Editor when I’m testing in Standalone Game, the problem occurs only in built version of the game.