Shipment 32 bit Cooking for Oculus Rift does not work!

When I cook my game in “Shipping”-build configuration as a 32-bit application, it works fine, but when i start the .exe Oculus is not supported. The game starts on the normal screen and pressing Alt Enter doesn’t help.

The game works perfectly when started from editor or from icon-> “launch game”.

Packaging Settings are:

Build Config: Shipping
Full Rebuild: True
For Distribution: True
Use Pak File: True
Use OBB in APK: False

EDIT: It works as 64 bit build

P.S. i use a 64 bit machine on Windows 8

Thank you

Best Regards

Nick Luger

I only needed to add EventBeginPlay-> ExecuteConsoleCommand(“stereo on”). I did not know i would need it in packaging because in the editor and Developement build it worked without it.

Where do you add this?

In your Level Blueprint. In the event graph. Add a node next to Event BeginPlay called ExecuteConsoleCommand and write as command “stereo on”