shiny/reflective materials not working

I am trying to learn PBR workflow. So i decided to test one of my old Table model. I first baked out the normals in xnormal then I textured it in ddo. After that I imported the mesh using the fbx pipeline as documented in the UE4 documentation. Asides from albedo and normal texture, i drag and dropped the other texture files and imported them in the engine.
The result wasn’t looking the same as i got in the 3do previewer.
The shiny reflective parts weren’t reflecting at all. The top gold piece and mirror.
I used a very simple shader setup, just plugging in the maps to the slots. I attached some screen shots.
So what am i doing wrong? How can i fix this ?

Thanks in advance.

ddo screen shot

Unreal screenshot


I am using the Third person Example Map.

Probably, you roughness map is inverted. If that white part that you outlined is a mirror then it should be black. Try using OneMinus or invert it in editor. Also mirror is a metal (silver) so it should be white on metallic map.

Thanks , that did the job. I thought the maps from ddo would work instantly.