Sheet of Rain UE4

I’m trying to achieve a sheet of rain for a localized storm and I can’t seem to find any tutorials or even know what type of particle system I would need to do this. I’ve made just rain and amped up the spawn amount of the rain, created two rain particles to give a foggy look and hide objects on the inside but it doesn’t look good. Any help in creating this clean wispy sheet of rain would be nice!!! Thank you.

Note, I would like to be able to get the mist at the bottom too. Would that be a separate particle system?

Mist at bottom = volumetric height fog.

Rain usually = niagara particle system set to gpu sprites.

A “rain sheet”? If you want to fake it, you can probably use a post process with a render target material or a sprite sheet/volumetric type of image that you loop through.
Personally, I don’t think this offers a good enough look for much more than a still and would prefer to bark up the Niagara tree.

I got the mist at the bottom down, and I did try the original niagara particle system for the rain. Didn’t look as clean as I wanted. I’ll try the render target!