Sharpest graphics settings? MSAA? Screenpercentage?

I’m trying to figure out what gives the sharpest image with Forward Rendering. I’m have a lot of jittering on shiny objects, the highlights to be specific. It’s really annoying when you start paying attention to it. My game has dark scenes with spotlights and metallic level elements, so there are highlight jitters everywhere.

Maybe a stupid question. Any chance you have been using a gloss map in place of a roughness map for your metallic materials? That is known to cause a lot of jittering highlights. If this is the case, just invert the gloss map with a 1-x node to obtain a roughness map.

I have a similar issue, but it only happens in VR, textures that are relatively far away and only in MSAA forward rendering. Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix it, and I am also interested in a fix or something.

@funkinessfactor Any screenshots/screen recording that you can share?

They just don’t show up in screen shots. However, I do notice the effect in the oculus rift start lobby scene along straight lines where there is a high contrast. I can see it mostly on the modern building. To be even more specific, the top of the yellow lamp shade in the modern house is another good example. I really don’t see it on close things unless I really concentrate. I don’t see it at all along the lines formed by the menu items even though there is a really high constrast between the sky and those items (even rolling my head to emphasis any aliasing effect). Maybe it is just me. I have a gtx 1070 gpu and now a i7 6850 over clocked at 4.4, so I don’t think it is my hardware.

I guess my fix is to not use textures on things far away (some how - I guess using the same technique as grass).

I’m having some of the same issues with anti aliasing in VR. One solution for specular aliasing (highlight jitters) is to composite specularity into your roughness maps. Check out this segment of the RoboRecall deep dive.

Did you ever find any good solutions for anti aliasing for geometry?

What are you again your screenpercentage and pixeldensity settings?

For me screen percentage is at default/100 via a PP Volume. Changing that value doesn’t seem to have much effect though. Not sure how to check pixeldensity.

Here is a TemporalAA/MSAA comparison:

This trick actually helps a ton. It might not seem like it in the editor, but in the VR goggles it’s a huuuge difference.