Sharpening Shadows

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to make shadows sharper? I have everything set on Epic but the shadows are very blurred around the edges so everything ends up looking very boxy.

Where as if you look at other games:

The shadow edges are not as blurry and the shadows look much more detailed and crisp.

Thanks in advance. :wink:

Increase sg.shadowquality.

Most games use dynamic Cascaded Shadow Maps up close to get better results than baking. Make sure your main light source is a Stationary Directional light: this allows baking with dynamic shadows up close.

There is the “Shadow Filter Sharpen” which increases the contrast of shadows to make them appear sharper.

Then there is the “Contact Shadow Length,” a screen space solution similar to SSR but for shadow casters. This is great for adding shadows in tiny crevices where Cascaded Shadow Maps are not sharp enough to capture and define. A value of 0.1 is good. There are some scenarios where it’s not appealing (flagpole), but for most cases Contact Shadows provide reasonable shadow casting per-pixel.