Sharp Glass Reflections!

Hi Guys! I am very new to UE4, I am trying to recreate the quality of rendering found in the McLaren UE4 demo:

I have ran into a issue of sharp reflections on glass, particularly the sharp light reflecting on the glass. In the demo they have achieved this. Although I have been unsuccessful. Hope you guys can help me please :), I have added an image below show the windscreen reflection from the demo VS my glass at the moment.

I don’t see any glass in your ( top? ) picture. What’s the problem?

I don’t see a reflection in the second photo. Is that the problem, that it’s not there?

The glass’ translucent lighting model (in material) needs to be set to Surface Translucency Volume to support reflections. Then, you will see the roughness and other material settings activated.

Because full PBR on translucency is so expensive, the engine defaults to a cheaper solution that only considers the ambient light color (Non-directional). You can also do things like disable fogging to get some performance back, but since it’s done per vertex, unless the mesh has a lot of vertices, disabling fog won’t help too much.

thanks for the reply everyone! yes that’s precisely the problem, no reflection in the glass.

Thanks that seems to be part of the problem! :slight_smile: The next problem, it seems is translucent objects don’t seem to want to Reflect BoxLights.