Sharing my catapult/trajectory blueprint

No models or visuals, you need your own assets.


GFYcat / YouTube [1] [2] [3]

Ask if you have problems/questions.

Problem: Bad node cast found in blueprint.
Solution: Delete node and connect spawnactor to branch.

Thanks for this … I am sure many will find it useful.

Sorry to be the one that always asks this, but what is the license for this content?

You can use this freely for whatever purposes.

Thanks for the gift, this is really cool. As this is a community content, i move your thread to community content section ^^

Thank for sharing, that blueprint have a lot of concept i’m interested in.

Awesome Contribution Kauppaneuvos! An entire Game Genre called the Artillery Game is based on a catapult/trajectory system such as yours. I visualize using it to lob Light Spell Flares to light up Dark Dungeons.

This looks exciting. Thank you for sharing.

haha thats awesome!

Awesome thank you for sharing this.

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing it Kauppaneuvos. :slight_smile:

So, now I’ve gone and tried to put the assets into my project, but I’m not actually sure how. I must be missing something obvious. How do I import the two assets into UE4?

Use import function, if it doesn’t work just drag’n’drop files to content-folder.

Thank you for getting back to me, but I’m afraid neither of those worked. The files don’t register at all when I try to import them, and when I tried dragging them into the content folder all I got was an error message saying that Unreal does not recognize “.uasset” files.

Hmm, import function didn’t work for me. Did you try to drop them directly to content folder using explorer or did you try to drag them to folder inside the UE ?

First one works for me, second doesn’t.

I was trying with the explorer. What do you mean by “drag them inside the UE?”

You can drag items to folders inside the UE. Are you using 4.7 ?

Yes, 4.7.3.

Hey Kauppaneuvos,

it is really nice that you share your project with us. But after i opened the Catapult BP i was shocked.

Your graphs are so confusing. I myself understood most of it, because i made a JumpPad similar to this,
but for a beginner this is horrible :smiley:

I hope you understand this kind of critique, i don’t want to sound rude here.

Let me show you the difference between the EventGraphs (it took me 1-2 hours restructering your BP).
Could be that i broke somethine somewhere, but that’s not the point.

Here is what your Event Graph looks like:


And here is the reworked version from me:


Closer view at how reroutes make it easy to avoid confusing overlaps:


Maybe you can restructure your BP for the people using it. This will make it way easier.
I can also send you the reworked version and you just check that i haven’t broke anything important.

Again i hope that this doesn’t sound rude. I just want to give you an example on how to make your BP easier
to understand. (:

Hi eXi, that looks awesome! I wasn’t aware of reroute function, that’s something I’m going to use in future. I’m going to make a clean&rerouted version at some point. My weakness at the moment is that I’ve been doing stuff for myself so all blueprints are messy and probably very unreadable for other peoples and I’m trying to improve myself in that area so I can share clean and readable assets in future.

Thank you for your critique, it was really valuable :slight_smile:

I can already see some MLRS action in an RTS project :stuck_out_tongue: