Sharing a screenshot

Hello, I don’t have any idea whether it’s easy or hard, but I couldn’t find the way of sharing a screenshot through the android system in blueprint. Like this attached image.

This is what I am also looking for. Is there any plugin for it?

No replies so far, I almost find it all apps. Is there any way can use any script and integrate it for this action?

I didnt found anything yet. So please, share it if you find any way to implement it, as I have same issue as you! :S

I managed to get screenshot sharing working on Android using this plugin: GitHub - PandoraEntertainment/Sharing: A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that enables Native Sharing.

It has a bug however for android versions greater than API 23 (Android 6.0) and after a long time I found how to fix and submitted a pull request for it here:

The creater never merged the pull request however you can do so manaully by changing the parts of the code I changed in the pull request manually.

Thank you! We will take a look!

@aussieburger, Thanks for replying.
can you please share your final version of code for us. Basically don’t understand anything about coding. Your code will save us.

I tried to install the plugin. But it shows “Plugin ‘Sharing’ failed to load because module ‘Sharing’ could not be found.”
Any idea what possibly gone wrong???

@Naitguolf Any Progress with the plugin?? Please let us know.

Try downloading it from here:


Hi, thanks again. But don’t know whats wrong. But still shows missing or incompatible modules in sharing plugin. can you guess anything. I use 4.16 engine.

If, native sharing is difficult, then is there a way to share an image from device location to any specific platform like google plus???

Hi! We are working on it, once we manage to fix a couple of things, we will update how things are going!

My vesrion of the plugin is for newer versions of the engine (4.19+) only however the orignal version would work for you! I checked your orignal problem and you did not install the plugin properly I would guess. What are the step by step steps you took to install the plugin?

Hi, I did nothing. I just put the downloaded folder inside the plugin folders of the engine. After that when the engine starts up it it shows that massage. I tried to put the folder in the project plugin folder also. But no luck.
Can you please tell me how to install it. May be I messed up.

It is incorrect to put in the engine’s plugin folder!

I posted step by step instructions for adding the plugin to a project here:
(scroll down to my answer with the timestamp: Aug 30 '18 at 1:33 PM where I have the step-by-step instructions)

It’s for a iOS sharing plugin but the setup for it is exactly the same as for this one.

Hello, Thank you for the solution, I will immediately test it :slight_smile:

Hi I managed to install the plugin, Thanks again. I now see there are couple of string from the plugin, but I am a bit confused about the strings, how to use it. And as it wont show anything unless on the phone, can you please give here a little example how I can use the native sharing for the screenshot??

And another thing, I tried to changed the code as per instruction and also with your files. But, the build failed. So, I used that original files. But my project is android 26 minimum (had to did it as google Play requirement), so, any suggestion about the bug??? If I replace those two files (sharing build and sharing_apl) with yours will it work??

Frankly I wish I had the same luck as you, I also dropped my phone from my pocket and the screen broke I had to fix it.

As I mentioned my version of the plugin is for unreal 4.19+ and three files where changed not two :wink: file_paths.xml is the other one you missed.

Attached is the blueprints I used for it. Note the added “sharing” component in the component list you also need to add. The app name part is very important - does not work if you don’t have that correct.

I don’t know which version of the engine so I can’t give the best advise on the other problems.

If I was you first just to see it working package for android 21 with the original version of the plugin and test it to make sure you blueprints are right.

Once you see it working you know your blueprints are right and then you can update the plugin to my version:

(4.19+!) and then it will work for later Android API versions.