Shared samplers


I am fairly new to UE’s blueprint. And so I got this error: X4510 maximum samplers reached (16). I understand why I got it as I was trying to have 20 samplers. I tried trouble shooting it and landed on a previous post which had gotten an answer regarding using shared samplers in order to be able to get past the 16 limit. My question is how do I set up these shared samplers and where to I find them? If anyone could point me in the right direction or to some documentation or youtube videos I would be forever grateful.

Here is the post that mentions the shared samplers [SM5] error X4510 maximum samplers reached (16), only 14 active in material - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

ue4’s material editor isnt called blueprints. its just the (node based) material editor.
click on a texture sample, and on the left side in the material editor you’ll see some options, one of them being “Sampler source” and change that one.

Thank you soooo so much!!! It works now!

thanks! it’s great!