Share your VR dev tips and tricks

Im making this thread here in hope that we can all share our best VR development tips and tricks. Starting out myself with a quick video sharing two techniques i found useful. Hope to see a lot of nice posts.

I’ve thought that the best way to capture all of the VR best practices and don’ts is to create a community wiki.

Sounds like a great idea. We could do that. Only obvious upside of having it in a forum, is that more people tend to post on forums than on wikis. Downside of having this stuff in a forum is that you end up having chatter like this in the thread hehe. So maybe a wiki is better hmm.

As there is an official UE4 wiki, i suggest using that one.

And there i no reason not having a tread here as well, for announcing and discussing new contributions.

Great Idea! I would suggest for now devs can just share their tips and notes here and you can add the useful ones to the first post just to collect them.
I found out that there are also lots of tips being communicated in the Discord chat! but it’s not possible to keep updated there all the time. so It’s nice to document all the tiny tips somewhere.

Let me add as an additional debug help. When i just need to figure out of a particular piece of code is hit, i find myself adding a “Play Sound at Location” with a beep sound or something. The audiable queue can be nice to figure out if my logic i setup is working as intended. Hope that made sense…