Share your pc specs!

Hi Unreal users.

Im looking at buying a pc that will comfortably handle UE4. My budget is just under £1k.
I know there’s a minimum and recommended specs page in the unreal wiki, but I’d like to know from other users what pcs you’ve been using & what performance you get out of them.

More specifically, where can I sacrifice on specs but still have UE4 running well? I’d love an i7-7700k, GTX1070 or 1080, & some good RAM, but that ends up going over the £1k mark!


I will just piggyback your topic a bit.

How unreal goes with new AMD Ryzen CPUs? Does anybody have it already and tested a bit?

And on topic: I think Ryzen may be now the thing to get for unreal 4. And then 1080ti

For content creation you dont need 1070 or 1080…
1060 is pretty enough for hd gaming and also for unreal. If you want to seriously make content, grab 8700k. (Intel 6-core 4.7GHz).
I also recommend min. 16gb ram, 8k is for gaming.

Running UE4 on a Ryzen 7 1700X, no Problems so far.
But I cant compare it to an i7 7700K or so, since I never had one.

Editor mostly is single-threaded (blueprint-compiling and such things) but packaging of the project can use all 8 cores, allthough it rarely needs/does use them at 100%. (but that might change from project to prpject.)

I am using a R9 390 as GPU, works as you would expect from an Engine that has nvidia-stuff in it. (Still waiting for DX12/Vulkan)

Ryzen is bad for compiling and baking lights. Get an i7 7820X instead, if possible.

I’m running:

Intel i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz (not overclocked, but can be)
and Dual NVIDIA GTX 980Ti (SLI enabled)

I’m new to the program so I’m trying to find a way to utilize my dual GPU’s to lighten the load on my CPU. On start-up of Unreal I’m maxing out my CPU (which I assume is normal?) and only using one of my GPU’s when the program is running. Any advice on optimizing Unreal to work with my dual GPU’s would be greatly appreciated!

I probably have one of the weakest machines in this forum lol… I am running

I5 6500 @ 3.2GHZ
16 GB DDR4 @ 2133 MHZ
GTX 760 2GB
1X 120GB SSD
2X 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD

My build cost me a little over 400 british pounds since my monitors are from boot sales at around 5 pound each

Don’t say that! I am running UE4 on a laptop (Windows 10). :smiley:

i7-4510U ~2.4GHz
Geforce 840M

It actually runs surpringly well (I’m just using dynamic lighting though). I’m saving for a better machine nonetheless.

Get the best processor, and most ram slots available. You can always upgrade the gpu later. So if you get a great mb, and processor with say gtx1060, and 8gb ram for 1k than you can pick up memory, and within the next year there will be better gpu’s out.

I have got an AMD Athlon II X2 with 2x3GHz, 4GB RAM and NVidia Geforce GTX 650 with 2GB VRAM, and it works still. It is slow, a material compiles within 10 and 30 seconds and with blueprints and low graphic effects it works. But writing C++ is really mad. It needs 8 minutes to compile for only four lines of code. I’m buying new hardware in a few weeks (4x3GHz, 16GB RAM, 4GB VRAM and a SSD), and I hope it works good. Is this hardware good enough?

Thanks for all the replies! I ended up getting a second hand pc for around £850.
16GB 2133mhz Hyper X fury DDR4 RAM
GTX 1080 founders edition GPU
Corsair liquid cooling
&, the worlds ugliest pc case!

It runs really well so far, although I’m an Unreal beginner so I haven’t properly put her to the test!
I haven’t overclocked as i’m not experienced at that, but I’m keen to do so!

Thanks, I had hope AMD is better solution for once. Have i7 currently.