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Oh my god!

Very happy to see that the fortnite success had and has such a huge impact for us developers… free megascans announcement just a few months ago and now the holy grail of all game engines, that’s so amazing, i’m just speakless…

I would love to see a sample workflow for this new engine. Lets say I am an environment artist and I just start churning out hi- poly assets. Do I import the zbrush model and then some PBR metalness/albedo map? What about something that will be animated? I don’t want my animator to murder me lol. Either way you are going to make a lot of artists really happy with UE5. Well done!

Impressive! Why did they choose PS5? fast ssd? Why not PC or Xbox Series X?

Any news on scripting yet?

Throughout the video I kept thinking “wonder what GPU they are using” then remembered it is a PS5. Which makes me optimistic about the hardware requirements… except for the ssd part.

Just saying glad it was a console rather than some obscure PC hardware.

Well Unreal 4 already supports playable characters of excess of a million polys an I’ve tested the idea my self. The key here though is with out authored LOD’s which implies optimization is preformed engine side.

Please tell us that it will be a seamless update. Need more info guys, come on… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your great work!

I was most excited for the online services being released but after signing up and trying to figure it out I see this

Sigh hope unreal doesn’t end up like unity with endless new packages stuck in preview forever.

Woah… these people don’t want our money :smiley:


Anyone knows how to buy Fortnite battle pass or whatever without installing Fortnite, to just show support, i actually hate game myself. Unreal for me is just a hobby to dig into world creation and engine itself and eagerly waiting UE5 to dig into code&world creation with UE5. Unreal is like my personal place to be and perhaps maybe in future i expand towards something productive too, dont know.

Well that is a good thing for poor small indie developers (still working to release the first game–which for personal reasons it won’t be what was planned anymore but smaller projects instead) like me indeed.

Game changer.

What does everyone think they are doing in their realtime GI solution? Is it sparse voxel octree cone tracing, straight up RTX, or perhaps dynamic baking to virtual textures using RTX?

UNREAL! :eek:

This is excellent! Thank you!

broooooo sammeee!!!

What a demo it was cant wait to put my hands on the new ue5 .Developers will make beauties with this!!

… and here I was, just a few days ago excited to be upgrading to 4.25. While updating to 4.25 I discovered a new Quixel Youtube video featuring a new GI feature that will be available on 4.26. I was extremely excited for 4.26. Fast forward, today I discovered Unreal Engine 5!

Just Wow!

A new engine that introduced game changing technology, new multi-platform Online features, and a new Royalties structure that practically make the engine free to use/publish/profit for indie developers? Wow!

To all the Fortnite players and their mom’s stolen Visa/Mastercard for giving Epic tons of money that allowed this to happen. Thank you! It’s because of you my own development and content creation dreams are unhindered.