Share projectile Test Map - M5 VFX PRG 2. Projectile (WIP)

M5VFXRPG.2 projectile asset works started.

I share the project test map. UE4 ver (4.15 ~ 4.20)…t2lJjMkdyfuoNP

crosshair: AutoTarget
LMB: Launch
RMB: fixed object lock-on object
: Cancel of fixed lock-on target (without object targeting)

Expect various projectiles in M5VFXRPG2.projectile.

Blog :
M5VFX series on Marketplace :…le/JeongukChoi

in progressing.
TwinTail projectile.

Projectile Ribbon particle Wave move

It is difficult to create this movement with Ribbon Particles alone in Unreal.
It is not perfect, but you can make it with a point attractor.

When using a point attractor, ribbon particles are not attached to local space.
This is an already known issue.