Shallow Water object ripple

Hello All I want to create a shallow water that shows a ripple when an object is placed on top of it. Here is an example of what I’m trying to achieve.

So Here is where I am so far.

I’m trying to figure out a way to take the colors from the dept fade and convert them to a normal so that I can make a slight bend in the water around the objects.

I’ve tried to achieve something similar with 4.9 Preview 2.
In this build, there are a few new material nodes connected to Distance Field.

I’m a newbie in making material and this is my first try at making something like this. The material node may be illogical and I got these numbers with many trials. It’s still limited because Distance Field rounds some corners.

It’s connected to the normal slot.
This is the result:

It’s still pretty far from beautiful, but I think it’s getting close.
Maybe someone can make it better, but it might be a good start from me :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english

What you’re trying to achieve is called surface tension, which is a well recognised scientiffic principle. The edge of the water goes up when the surface is less than 90 degress to the edge, and down when it’s more than 90 degrees.

Not that this makes any sense but…


I’d recommend using a larger tiling setting for the ripples around the edge of the colliding objects to make it smoother like your reference and have a separate setting for the ripples further out.

You’re very close! Keep it up! Clever work. :slight_smile: