Shake: Arena

Hello everyone!

Long story short, some time ago I’ve decided to chalenge myself to create an arena shooter (the one like Quake III, Unreal Tournament and Half-Life, which I’ve frequently played in my childhood). Several month later (today) I found myself stuck with big pile of untesed code, which from a distance looks like an actual multiplayer arena shooter. Frankly speaking, it’s more like a raw prototype, but I have no more strength to develop it further. So I decided to bring it here in a form of:

a Trailer:

and Win x64 build:…ew?usp=sharing

Ok, now let’s get to the “free asset” tag on this post. In order to make the project somewhat useful, I also decided to pull myself together and release the source code (without any third-party and marketplace assets, of cource) or even make it a community project IF there will be interest in it.

Oh… And I probably should mention some names due to the CCA licence:

  1. I used some statues from this guy
  2. And a torch from this guy

I also want to give a personal thanks to:

  1. this guys with their amazing free UI elements:

  2. My friend Dmitry, who helped me a lot with network testing. I’ll link his deviantart account below:
    1NaKiR1 - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

I think people will definitely be interested in that.

FYI, I would remove everything “2. this busy guy for his unpolished but usable assets”

That guy didn’t share any of his own stuff. The models he shared were from Evermotion, he just claimed it were his own.

Thanks, I’ll remove the link then.