Shadows with Orthographic Camera Not Working Properly !

Orthographic Camera.jpg
Prespective Camera.jpg

Shadow is not working properly with Ortho Camera. Some wired, low resolution shadow shows up when Ortho Width is less than 600, beyond that shadow just completely disappears ! Shadow work fine with perspective camera (See screenshots).

>> Completely clean project
>> Radeon R7 360 OC GPU
>> Directional Stationary Light
>> Engine version : 4.11.2
>> Did this steps to avoid shadow fade out issues. Even before that shadow wasn’t there for Ortho Cam.

Please any solution to get OrthoCam working properly will be a relive. By the way tested same scenario in Unity 5 and shadow just worked properly out of the box. Going crazy over this, don’t want to switch to Unity !

There is a issue reported back in 2015 (started with UE 4.6) about that: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-11026)

Strangely, 2 days ago that issue had 52 votes (the highest number of votes of all issues actually), yet today I’ve found that it has been reset to 0. I casted my vote for that one. You might want to vote too.

EDIT: err on the year :wink: