shadows warped after unknown change

Hey, so my shadows are appearing warped after my lighting builds after no apparent change. I undid all of my world and lighting settings and tried everything, but it’s still messed up. Yes, I changed the lightmap res. on the landscape, but now when I try to build the lighting it just flat - out doesn’t work (it stays on 0%) and when this problem wasn’t occurring, (LITERALLY YESTERDAY) the lighting build worked fine and fast. There is something else that is causing this issue because if it was the res on the landscape the lighting build would not be as slow as it is and instead would be as fast as the original.

Looking at what you have there, I’d say the lightmap res of the ground is too low.

The thing is that I never changed the res. Obviously that is a fix, but it pretty much makes building the lighting impossible. The res has not changed even when this problem didn’t exist. I added nothing substantial to the project so I hope to find a solution other than changing the res, as it makes the builds too long, and considering that a res change did not cause this problem, I think there is an alternate solution, as I wrote in the original post.

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