Shadows too dark, but skylight overexposes foliage.

Hi guys, so I’m having an issue with the exposure of my scene and wondered if anyone had a solution:


Here the tree’s are pretty much perfectly exposed in the shade, but my shadows are wayyyy too dark.

When I bring up my skylight, it super over-exposes my tree’s, whilst only mildly bringing up the shadows.


My skylight and directional light are both movable at the minute, as these free tree’s have overlapping UV problems and simply don’t bake good lightmaps, I need two scenes finished in a few days so I don’t have much time to find anything better.

My environment colour is set to white in world settings, I can’t really think of anything else that will help, any ideas?

Nevermind, I’m an idiot, my SphereReflectionCapture had clipped under the landscape, bringing it back up fixed it :slight_smile:

hi a think that your setup is not optimal and you are using a value of 5 for the intensity wich make all the world way brither i thnk that you should play with the Eye adapataion values insted and put the skylight to it default value
and one last thing if you are using a movable skylight you should try DFAO (Distance Field Ambiant Occlusion ) it gives very good results on Foliage hope i helped