shadows through walls -two sided lightning checked

It looks as if the normals of the mesh is flipped. If you are able to open those meshes in Max, Maya or whichever program you have, try flipping the faces of the meshes and then reimport.

i have a problem with buidling my lightning with lightmass, see the attached pics.

some objects have strange shadows. looks like the objects (in this case wooden planks) cast shadows on the wrong side of the wall. also the corner of the wall looks like as if the shadow of the wall itself is projected through it.
i have a directional light as lightsource, which is set to static.
my lightmap channel should also be proper unwrapped.
i thought maybe its the problem that the pivot of the model is at 0,0,0 when the model itself is at -70000,-30000,30000 cm. Thats because i’m working with laserscanned objects & i want the position to be the same in every program. but i’ve already replaced the pivot to the object and reimported it but still the same problem.
theres also a lightmass importance volume around the objects.
thanks for your help again =)

thanks for your help but unfortunately that didnt help. the normals in ureal are pointing in the right direction as you see on the pic

Hi schauk,

I’ve just tested this with the EditorPlane static mesh that is in the Engine Content Folder. I enabled Use Two Sided Lighting and everything appears to work as intended.

Make sure you’ve got the light set to Static/Stationary, which you’ve indicated above that you’re using. If you’re using Dynamic you can use the option for Shadow Two Sided instead.

Using this test asset in the Engine Folder should provide the same results that I’ve gotten. If you’re seeing different results between this test asset and your mesh we can rule out an engine issue and something is either wrong with the asset or something has not been set correctly in the Details panel.

Let us know.