Shadows/Render problems! =(

Hi, everybody!

I’m writing this post to see if you can help me… I’ve been optimizing my game and when the engine is rendering the shadows (viewport and in-game), when I walk away, triangles appear like that:

Do you know what could be happening? (The ‘base’ is only ONE mesh)

Thanks a lot and sry for my English! :smiley:

It looks like LODs, does it happen when you move the camera away from the base in the viewport?

for sure those are lod unleash its some weird lighing clip issue but this artstyle is so cute and simple it shounlt be

Check out the LODs in the static mesh editor, I think the lower LODs are too low poly…

I’ve changed the values of “LOD Group” (High detail, I imagine it will be the best) and it seems to be working fine now.

Thank you very much! ^^