Shadows on characters

Scenario/Problem: One stationary Directional casting sexy static lighting onto a sexy static scene. Shadows on environment look amazing. This light is also lighting my characters. Everything works fine, except some of the shadow optimization on the characters. There is some light leak and the shadows pop really bad with camera distance. Most noticeably on the character’s brow meets the hat. Same exact thing as this guy: dynamic shadow problem on character - UE4 AnswerHub

**What I’ve tried so far: **
Bounds Scale: Does not fix anything
r.shadow.texelsperpixel (on the hat): going higher helps, but dumps all over performance
Shadow Bias (on the light): I set this real low, and fixes the leak up close, but heinous shadow popping persists.
Physics Asset (on character): Does not fix anything

So right now I want to know if there is a way to control the distances at which shadows “LOD” or optimize.
This is slowly driving me insane.

So, I asked the question above. (was logged in as our admin by accident)

The solution is to adjust the depthBias for CSMs with r.Shadow.CSMDepthBias … the default was 20, dropping this number gave me the shadow quality I was looking for.