Shadows not showing up.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question as I come from an Arch-Vis/Filmmaking background and I am not used to baking lighting. When I bake my lights I get no sharp shadows through my windows. I am using 1 directional light. As soon as I move the the light a bit and play the level without rebuilding I get nice sharp shadows of my mullions coming into my interior, but the shadows disappear once I rebuild. Why are my shadows not showing up in my build. What are some troubleshooting methods I can use to ensure my shadows show up.

Thanks in Advance!

Baking lighting saves the lighting to lightmaps, which are basically just texture maps. So the sharpness of the shadow depends on the resolution of your lightmap (image dimensions) which can be controlled for a mesh by opening it in the content browser or by selecting the item in your scene and using the lightmap override in the properties.
When you click the object and move it it then goes to preview lighting which is real-time which is why it’s sharper.

Thank you! That solved the issue.