Shadows Issue Foliage

how did you place that grass? is it by using foliage painter or through landscape grass type?

Foliage painter

Greeting i have some issue on foliage shadows can any one please help me to solve this issue thnaks,

Hey Hammadcgi.

This has to do with how far the dynamic shadow will be rendered from the camera.

You can increase the distance in your light source. Note that this does increase the frame rate.

Hi,thanks for answer sir my light source set to moveable i was try a very high number ko shadow distance value but nothing happen

I had the same problem with foliage painter and after a bit of research, trial and error I got it down to a minimum. I’m having the same problem in static lighting as well as dynamic/raytrace/lumen and I tried everything from what was suggest above but nothing worked in ue 4.26, 4.27 and ue5.
I’m using megascans assets(Grass_Clumps). Had the same issue and was constantly driving me crazy.
What i found is that when I open the static mesh properties for the foliage asset and change the LOD Group to anything else than None(I left it at foliage) the problem is fixed probably 90%, the only things left is that foliage starts to fade away smoothly after certain distance and Dynamic Shadows from the foliage still appear as a circular shape as I move through the foliage but with much less intensity, and that for me sets it for now until better solution comes up.
I’m guessing this has something to do with cull distance of meshes but I’m new to unreal and don’t know how to go about solving it still :slight_smile:

If anyone has any other insight on this topic it will be highly appreciated!

I made a short video about my approach and would be very grateful if someone has a solution.
Video in ue5 but the same goes for ue4.26 and 4.27.

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Decided to wait it out and it was worth it :smiley:
It was posted on a fb group.

Foliage Shadows:

  • r.RayTracing.Geometry.InstancedStaticMeshes.Culling 0
  • Shadow Cull Radius r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.LowScaleRadiusThreshold
  • include Instanced Static Meshes in BVH r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes
  • enable culling of instance data r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.Culling
  • instance object r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.CullClusterMaxRadiusMultiplier
  • Distance at which to cull a cluster r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.CullClusterRadius
  • Threshold for when an object is considered small r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.LowScaleRadiusThreshold
  • Distance at which to cull small objects r.RayTracing.InstancedStaticMeshes.LowScaleCullRadius