Shadows from directional light / sky dome light in editor


I’m currently working through tutorials and stumbled across following problem:

As you can see in following image (taken from tutorial video “Creating a Level - Geometry Layout”, walls cast dynamic shadows to floor:


However, if I try to recreate this example in my editor, walls do not cast a shadow:


Also, entire lighting seems to be different, although I followed instructions from video and did not change any settings. I can only see shadows after building level.

Is there some settings that activates dynamic shadows from directional lights in editor?

[UPDATE] See following image for another example: mesh box casts a shadow while geometry box does not. It seems like light coming from sky dome only casts shadows on some objects.

Hey matthjes,

If you rotate Directional Light in your level (called Light Source in your Scene Outliner by default), do you see any changes in shadows?

Hi ,

This did not change anything. I updated my question, it seems like light coming from sky dome does not cast shadows to some objects.

Check your quality settings (quick settings)-> put them to epic

Hi Matthjs, I’m having same problem. In addition I can see shadows cast by window frames but not walls in which they are placed. Quality settings are set to epic. 8gig ram, i5-3470 Quad core @ 3.20GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580. Have you found a solution?

Hey! So I know this post is super old, but I’ve had same issue. However, I found a solution that worked for me.
To start from beginning, my skydome was created using a basic sphere, scaled to 10000. I then added my HDRI material to sphere. Still with sphere selected, scroll down until you see the “Lighting” tab. From there make sure that the “Cast Shadow” box is unchecked. By default it appears to be checked. Once I unchecked box, my shadows were back and directional light now affects my environment