Shadows disappearing

I have an issue where shadows disappear depending on where i look (CSM, UE 5.1, lumen, no nanite):

Does anyone where I should be looking to start fixing this issue?

Thank you,

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Hello Ostinelli,

This appears to be a bug introduced in build 5.1 and, as you say, seems to happen 100% of the time when the sun (directional light) is close to the horizont line and when using CSM (cascaded shadow maps).
I’ve been HOURS trying to find workarounds for this to no avail and thus, for the time being, I would recommend you to use Virtual Shadow Maps until this gets checked on. Though, mind that the VSM are quite more expensive than the CSM (specially if your scene isn’t built around nanite).
Is quite frustrating, but honestly I doubt we can do anything to solve it…

I hope this throws some light into the problem for you.

Unfortunately I cannot use VSM due to budget limitations. Are you sure this is a bug? Do you have a reference to an open bug somewhere?

Does anyone find a solution for this? In our case, it is again happening only in UE5.1.

Edit: It is fixed in UE5.1.1

It is still a problem in 5.2, I lost my shadows around 10-15 meters from rather big objects.
I use VSM .
Closer cannon balls have shadows, the other half does not(and look wierd).

PS: with the final 5.2 this shadow disappearance range is 50m with lumen, and virtual shadows map (for e.g. a grass or an 1m cube ). I can`t extend it with Lumen distance, max trace distance or far shadow settings.

This doesn’t seem to be a bug, rather, I’d check your shadow settings in your diretional light.

Unfortunately, it is a bug…