Shadows disappearing when not looking at them

So this is kind of hard to explain but I’ll try my best.
When I turn on a spot light in my game, anything that I’m not directly looking at doesn’t cast a shadow unless when I’m turning on the light I can physically see that object.

The only way I can get the object to cast a shadow again is if I change my shadow quality setting in-game, but as soon as I restart the level the same thing happens. As far as I know this is only an issue with Ue5, never saw this happen in Ue4

This first image is what happens if I turn on the spotlight when I’m not directly looking at the objects

The second image is what it’s supposed to look like

It’s kind of dumb if you have to be looking at the objects to have them cast shadows because that area is behind a door most of the time and the player can’t see them when turning on the light inside.

This looks like a bug to me but if there’s some fix for it I would really appreciate it since It’s hindering development atm.

Hi! At last smbdy with the same problem. This sh*t drives me mad )) Any advantages? They say if you using a persistant lvl only one can precompute visibility. I tried, but still facing the same issue. there is a setting in details of a static obj. “never distance cull”. and … in project settings there are culling settings. I played with them, but till now no result (((