Shadows disappear on baked, stationary lighting but work with movable lights

As the images suggest, the real-time lighting captures correct shadows but baked lighting does capture the shadow like that. I’ve tried multiple things, changed Lightmap Resolution on both the plane and the mesh, enabled Use Two Sided Lighting and Shadow Two Sided but they’ve not helped.
Also, the mesh is set to Static so the problem is not with that.
Any recommendations?

This is almost certainly a lack of lightmap resolution. You say you changed it, but you probably just didn’t set it high enough.

Also: Are you baking on production or preview…?

Hello there. I’ve set the lightmap resolution to 2048 and the Lighting Quality is set to High.

Is the plane a BSP?

It’s not.

I’m at a loss then. Best I could suggest is you post up your light settings and static mesh settings for the plane but I have no idea what you could have done that would have caused this

Understandable. Thanks for that. I’ll try different stuff and will update the post. Also, the mesh is from Bridge so I’m also sure about that. Thanks for your time.