Shadows costing too much in UE5 in a empty level and low frame rates

We know UE5 is not a fine piece for production yet. For some reason shadow projection costing too much and lowers frame rates when I have enabled shadows for only one directional light that present in the empty level. This is crazy. I have GTX 1050 4GB, 24GB ram, i7 7700HQ, and this is not as bad for rendering at least a directional light in the scene. What is this? UE5 or am I wrong?

You’re looking at the details of the landscape there, not the directional light.

But admittedly, it’s a bit ■■■■…

Well, once if landscape hides the landscape nothing happens, as it same as before. Frame rates remaining the same either when looking at landscape or sky. Nothing more apparent, about 20 to 22fps. The landscape has not even tessellation, but shadow projection too high for nothing and it’s making me laugh.

Solved!, By default VSM’s are enabled, turning off the shadowing method would result in high frame rates.