"Shadows" causing severe lag in a scene without lights?

Every level in my game runs great, except for one. There’s nothing very different about it that should cause it to lag. Similar number of objects, same post-process settings, and no complex programming. But in any case this level is really slow. I’ve seen the frame rate go up when reducing the shadow scalability setting, but then when I did another test where I deleted all my lights, it still lagged. And on top of that, the frame rate still went up when reducing the shadow scalability… When there weren’t any lights. I’ve also tried clearing all the blueprint, foliage, post-processing actors and I haven’t made any progress in figuring out what’s causing the issue.

I’ve got a download link to my profiler stats, and if someone would be willing to take a look through them, that would be so fantastic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Ok, so I found what was causing the lag. I was using a SceneCapture2D camera, and is was capturing every frame, and capturing every object. I used the “Only Show Actors” array to select only the objects that needed to be seen, and that had brought the frame rate up a lot.