Shadows cast on translucent object

The documentation HERE explains that “Translucency self shadowing goes through the lighting volume for point and spot lights, so it is often not visible due to low resolution unless the effect is very large and dense. Directional lights however do translucent self shadowing per-pixel, and get much higher quality.

However what I experience tell me otherwise unless i’m doing something terribly wrong or simply misinterpreting the information above. I have a water plane(the translucent object) that receives shadows from other objects which are opaque. The shadows cast by those objects are (or seem to be) per vertex, meaning you’d need a really high density mesh to get a decent looking shadow. Right now for most cases, the shadows either flickers alot or is simply not noticeable due to not enough resolution on the mesh.

I’m using a Directional Light and i’ve toyed around with several option in both the lights and the meshes. Tried everything from static light on static mesh to movable light on movable mesh as well as every option that relates to shadowing in both. The only one that seems to produce any noticeable diference are the distance options. Haven’t been able to get the pixel shadow quality mentioned. Shadows cast on opaque objects are normal and have no loss in quality. Unreal version is 4.6.1

Am i doing something wrong or misinterpreting the information on the documentation, or is the documentation above wrong? Also, if this is a bug or simply not yet implemented, how long till we get it fixed?

Thank you for your time.

Hey APerestrelo,

Would you mind posting some screenshots from your setup that doesn’t look correct? There are some limitations with the methods above that are mentioned. Every thing in the engine is calculated by vertex. I’m curious to see the flickering that you mention though and see if I can offer some tips that could help you better.

Let me know.