Shadow tweaking

Hi guys

I would like to know what the proper way is to (artistically) tweak shadows of stationary lights. A current example would be to make the shadow of a specific light lighter or give it a tint. Also, I would like to influence shadow softness (something like an edge blur or feather).

What is the best way to do that?


Could perhaps a Dev shed some light on this? :slight_smile:

I’m bumping this thread, because i’m looking for the same thing. I want to tweak for example shadows opacity (they’re too dark) and blur their edges a little, because now they’re too sharp.
That’s what i’m talking about: 4.6 Foliage shadows are too dark - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Update: Adding an extra directional light (rotated against the first one) makes grass shadows better, but sadly removes all the shadows from static meshes, etc - i’ve posted more info and picture in the link above.

There’s no control specifically for shadow brightness or sharpness, since the lights are based off more realistic lighting. If you want lighter shadows you need another light source, for instance exterior needs light from the sky which will add some illumination to shadows. As for making them softer, there’s a Shadow Filter Sharpen setting that you can try to adjust, but you would need to have a light with some surface area, the large an actual light source is the blurrier the shadows get (which is why shadows are very soft and blurry on a cloudy day since the whole sky is the light source).